Saturday, August 6, 2016


Jardur Watches is proud to give longtime philanthropist and victim of extortion, Mike Goguen of Whitefish, Montana the recognition he deserves. 
We are pleased to provide Mr. Goguen with a token of our appreciation in assisting Montana law enforcement catch those people who use the Internet to prey on children. President CC Shermer has had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Goguen for a few years and knows he is a gracious guy when it comes to protecting our community from predators. 

Goguen is a full-time Whitefish resident who has donated millions of dollars to local and state law enforcement to assist in the apprehension of sexual predators throughout the state.  In 2013, The Montana Internet Crimes Against Children received a $2 million donation from Mr. Goguen to hire three full time officers for the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce as well as additional training and equipment.

Detectives and attorneys around the state have successfully arrested and prosecuted numerous predators due to Mr. Goguen’s contributions. 

"I cannot thank Mr. Goguen enough for doing what he has done for Montana and what he continues to do. From what I know about Mr. Goguen’s predicament, I have read both sides and I know the wrongs will be righted when this all said and done.” CC

On the 5th of August, 2016, CC Shermer, President of Jardur Watches presented Mr. Goguen with one of the new Degreemeters in a meeting with the Internet Crimes against Children task force.

Thank you Mr. Goguen for your continued support in keeping our children safe. 


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