Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Plepla and Klepper Watch Museum

Hello watch enthusiasts!

I am looking to put a virtual museum together of watchmaker’s Karl Plepla and Samuel Klepper (Jardur) pieces.


To accomplish this, I am looking to buy all Plepla watch brands including his “Flytimer” “Dualtimer” and “Superior”.  Will pay top dollar!!!!

I am also looking for any information on notable (i.e. WWII pilots) wearers of the Plepla and Jardur brand. Let me know! 

Some know Karl Plepla from Austria was a great watchmaker.

In 1873, Karl attended the Imperial & Royal School for Watch and Clock making located in Karlstein, Germany. 

Karl and his family moved to Budapest, Hungry in 1916 and worked there until the armistice in 1918. They returned to Salazia and started a business until 1920.  In 1923, Karl immigrated to New York with only $25.00 in his pocketbook. Karl obtained his first American job with Tiffany & Company as a watchmaker and chronometer maker.

After working with the watch company Gruen, Karl began his own watch company under his own name, KARL PLEPLA (Plepla Watches* Clocks) in 1934. His retail business was located at 522 Fifth Avenue, NYC and his wholesale business was called the Superior Watch Company. 

Between 1942 and 1948, Karl imported watches for the Armed Forces, working along with watch company Felca.  After 1948, Karl began selling his watches in the post exchanges (along with the Jardur Import Company) and the veteran’s administration.

Contact me at if you have any nice Plepla pieces.

Thanks, CC

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  1. Chris, Thanks for the notice.... That Flytimer is STUNNING!!!! I'd be hard pressed to pass one of those up.... but surely for the museum. Love your enthusiasm.... keep it rolling!