Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Reunion: WWII Veteran Julian Russo and Jardur

WWII Veteran Julian Russo and CC Shermer of Jardur Watches

A Reunion: WWII Veteran Julian Russo and Jardur 
The McIntyre Building 874 Broadway, NYC

 On the 16th of August, 2014, @ noon, I met a wonderful man at 874 Broadway, at the McIntyre Building in New York City, NY. 

Like clockwork, Julian Russo arrived at the birthplace of the Jardur Aviation Company and we were instant friends. 

I am sure this immediate bond was based on the extreme respect I have for him and his service in WWII. 

I invited Julian into the small foyer of the McIntyre and he made his way through the doors of what has become Jardur Watches icon of new beginnings.  With a smile (and a little perspiration) on both of our faces, I pulled out the watch he had indicated he was searching for more than 50 years.  As he gazed upon the old friend, his face lit up and I knew a re-connection was made.  This was worth the trip!

After a small reunion and presentation, Julian and I made our way up to one of the apartment’s where we spent some quality time with a wonderful movie producer, Neda Armian.  Feeling I was in the same room as Sam Klepper might have been, we spent our time talking about Neda’s upcoming movie “The Longest Week”.  Other movies Neda is known for is “Philidelphia”, “Rachel Getting Married” and “The Truth about Charlie”.    

Our time with Neda was awesome!
Before parting, Julian and I shared a nice refreshment and lunch at one of the oldest bars in New York City, The Old Town Bar at 45 East 18th Street.  While eating and drinking, Julian presented me with a nice gift…a wonderful nice pocket knife made by CRKT.   What’s interesting about this specific gift was that I had learned the blade symbolizes the severing of a friendship or relationship, and since pennies are considered good luck, the superstitious belief is that the penny protects the relationship.

Me and Julian at The Old Town Bar, NYC 

Definition of COOL 
I believe the Jardur watch will protect our newly found friendship.

Parting with Julian was poignant, but I was excited for him to return to Islip, NY and get reacquainted with this his watch.   

Jardur Watches

The Old Town Bar
The knife Julian presented to me