Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jardur status

With the holidays in full swing, Jardur Watches Vice President Dr. James Wingfield and I thought we would take the time to give everyone a Jardur Watches status update and wish everyone a Happy Holidays.  

Wingfield and I are very pleased to be where we are with Jardur Watches and how the new Jardur Degreemeter Swiss chronograph has turned out. We are getting excellent reviews on this new piece and are excited to say we have 18 pieces remaining.

Wingfield and I are also pleased to be sponsoring two very exciting aviation companies:  Neptune Aviation and Team Aerostars.

Neptune Aviation is one of the industry’s leading builders of tanker aircraft designed for aerial firefighting.  Team Aerostars is an organization of pilots (three), based in Illinois which performs precision flying demonstrations all over the country.

Wingfield and I are also anxious and excited to be looking towards the future with the two new watch series, the JWing and the Escadrille. 

The JWing series will be an economical pilot’s chronograph that will incorporate all of the advancements in materials, manufacturing methods and design features which comprise state-of-the-art watch-making.  

The Escadrille will be a straight time series that can be outfitted for private logos.  French for "squadron", the watch is named for a civilian air expedition -- the "Inter Air Escadrille" -- undertaken in 1941, just prior to the war.

It has been a fun and exciting ride with the Jardur brand and to think the resurrection just began months ago, Wingfield and I couldn’t be more delighted for the milestones we have reached.   

But, we’re just getting started! We need your help however.

In order for Jardur Watches to move to the next level, Wingfield and I will be providing our LinkedIn “connections”, a special offer for the remaining Degreemeters in order get the JWing and Escadrille on the drawing board and into production.

These Degreemeters were a limited run of only 66 and we want to provide our LI connections a discounted price, with free shipping all around the world.  Please send me an email for more information.

If you’re interested in placing your company’s logo on the back of the remaining 18, please email me for more information on this wonderful personalization. 

Thank you all for everything. 
CC Shermer



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