Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Those who wore Jardur"

Vice Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Air, U.S.N

Radford took command of the Aviation Training Division in Washington D.C. on 1 December 1941, seven days before the attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II. He was appointed as director of Aviation Training for both the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and the Bureau of Navigation, in order to facilitate training coordination in a more centralized way for all naval aviators. With the U.S. preparing to go to war, Radford's office worked dawn to dusk six days a week in an effort to build up the training infrastructure as quickly as possible. For several months, this around-the-clock work took up all of his time, and Radford later noted walking to work was his only form of exercise for several months. During this time, he impressed colleagues with a direct and no-nonsense approach to work, while still maintaining a demeanor that made him easy to work for. (wiki)

In 1946, the Jardur Aviation Company provided Admiral Radford with a 995-G (Gold) Jardur Bezelmeter for the "Aviation Men of the Year", to include General Spaatz, General Eaker, & Admiral Sallada.

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