Friday, July 27, 2012

Did you know

Among fine Swiss quality Jardur chronographs, Jardur also provided many pilots multiple aviation accessories.  Listed below are items listed in one of Jardur's 1942 advertisement.
  • Jardur Super Flightmaster: Designed for the primary or advanced pilot. Worlds finest Air Navigation Computer
  • Jardur Flight Plotter:  Designed exclusively for Jardur by Leut. Ernest G. Vetter, USNR
  • Jardur Flight Calculator: With the aid of this Double-Faced Calculator, Pilots can easily and accurately determine the True Ground and Aircraft speed and many other useful navigation problems.
  • Jardur Air Navigation Protractor: This string type 360 Compass Course protractor is invaluable for every cross-country pilot for laying out his course, measuring wind drift angles, distances, radio-range bearings, etc.
  • "Field Of Action of Aircraft" (Including Radius of Action): Written by W.W. Smith, Chief Engineer of Jardur, this booklet is based on the discovery of a NEW METHOD of solving radios of action problems, so simple in application, that under any given set of conditions a determination can be made for ALL directions of flight from the base in a few minutes.  Pilots and Navigators will find that this booklet opens a new field in aerial navigation, as IT IS THE FIRST TO COVER "Field of Action" problems.
  • Jardur "ASTRO-NAV" Plotter and Protractor: Designed by Hugh Thomasson, Senior Flight Navigator, American Export Airlines, which was designed as a fast, accurate method for plotting lines of position, eliminating the need of dividers, parrell rules and triangles, (This was not in the brochure..just added it in).

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