Friday, July 20, 2012

There is nothing more personal to us than our Time; how we spend it, enjoy its passing moments, especially how we measure it and look upon its face in a watch. Our Life is a measure of passing Time it surrounds us in its Past, Present and the Future.
And so it is with watches. We can translate the very thinking and reasoning with the way we feel with our love for watches mechanical, and quartz.
Quartz watches are independent and will function without our attention. If we left it in a drawer for a year, it will still run. It will still be accurate we can take it for granted, and it does not need us. By nature, they are cool and aloof and so are our reactions, they fail to touch our hearts in the deepest sense.
Mechanical watches, on the other hand depend on us for their very survival, we give it Life and sustenance. The automatic takes its power from our very motions and is a symbiotic organism on our wrists. It feels alive on your wrists. Without the movement of our own bodies, there would not be the energy stored in its barrel for its heart to beat it would die of lack of attention. It is we who feed it and care for it.
These timepieces give back to us that visual splendour of a beautiful work of art. Its very beating heart laid bear by the window into its soul, allows us to gaze upon it in wonderment at the intricacies of its moving micro-organs. The graceful sweep of the seconds hand enthrals the best of us. The rapid beat of the tick-a-tick-a quickens our own pulse. And aahh, the quiet whirr of the rotor as we swing our arms What do you call this, but pleasure of the highest order, from its existence on your wrist? What better feedback can we ask for? This and the comforting feeling that they will be by our sides faithful companions sharing our lives and experiences being there with us for a long time to come. Something that we cannot say for sure with the quartz. Once their life is up, they will fall by the wayside.
It is the same with a winding watch our careful, gentle, loving ministrations in our ritual winding coaxes it to life. It is our own special time that we spend with it every day. And oooh that feel of a Patek winding experience deliciously smooth and creamy, coming together with that fine pitched ratcheted sound tactile ECSTASY!
And you wonder why you can't explain your love!

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